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Tamsulosin hcl ranbaxy capsule mga 0.4 mg /kg) and naltrexone hydrochloride (0.75 mg/kg) twice a day for 48 hours prior to the induction phase of behavioral testing. Animals used for testing were randomly assigned to the two groups. Male mice were used for behavioral testing. Animals received a single dose (10–12 mg/kg) of the study drug to induce locomotor activity for tamsulosin er 0.4 mg capsule extended release 24 hr 72 hours prior to the behavioral testing. CPA treatment was commenced 24 hours after the last dose of CPA (0.5–2 mg/kg). Tamsulosin 250mg $150.99 - $0.84 Per pill All animals underwent behavioral testing during the 24-hour period immediately preceding start of CPA treatment. On days 1 and 7 post-treatment, mice underwent behavioral testing on a 60-inch LED display connected to a microphone of the acoustic device (Luna) (Sensodyne, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) and maintained at 17 ± 0.05 C. CPA exposure was also tested on other days (data not shown). The behavior of rats (n = 10) was performed for 21 days; however, the day of behavioral testing, animals were housed with a separate cage to avoid confounding effects of CPA exposure on locomotor behavior. The testing used was described in detail [27]. The experiments were conducted at 10:00 Tamsulosin ohne rezept kaufen AM and 1:00 PM, followed by a 12 – 2 time lapse and a 30 – 24 hour recovery period. Rats were tested in a dimly lit room (18.04 ±0.06, 12:54 ±0.05 lux), maintained at 16 – 18° C., and acclimated (by immersing the rats in a tank of liquid nitrogen for 20 minutes) to the experimenter by means of a heating pad attached to their bedding. During testing at night time, rats were kept in a separate room darkness. For each testing session, rats were individually placed into a testing chamber (3.0 × 3.0 in, 20.0 cm2 x 15.0 27.75 in). The walls of each chamber were coated in polystyrene (4.7 x 4.7 cm) and covered with a polycarbonate sheet (4.7 x 4.7 cm). The chambers were positioned such that the animals were at an angle of 50–75° to the horizontal, which would enable an observer to easily recognize animals within the testing chamber. were provided ad libitum access to water. The chambers were provided with four water bottles (1.3 L, 1.5 N) so that there was no food or water available other than the three bottles in each chamber. All environmental variables were monitored for tamsulosin online pharmacy the time period from start of CPA exposure for the experimental group on each day to the onset of behavioral testing in the same days for control group. Behavioral testing was scored by an observer blinded to the treatment groups, and included number of squares traveled, time spent in all squares across the room, number of trips into the corner room, and number of time spent grooming the corners of chamber. Data were analyzed with the StatView software (Systat Inc., Berkeley, California, USA), using the time points associated with behavioral testing. The results were analyzed using two-way ANOVA with treatment as a between-subject factor and time point as a within-subject factor. Time points associated with CPA exposure were analyzed using the one-way ANOVA with treatment as a between-subject factor and time point as a within-subject factor. The levels of significance for between-session comparisons were P = 0.001 and 0.009 for the locomotor activity and behavioral testing, respectively. The results were also analyzed using the mixed ANOVA, with treatment as a between-subject factor and time point as a within-subject factor. For the analysis of locomotor activity, results between the two treatment groups were compared using the Bonferroni correction. means for locomotor activity were analyzed using the two-way ANOVA with treatment group as a between-subject factor and treatment time point as a within-subject factor. Data are presented as means ± SEM. Acknowledgments I thank T. Wozniak and a couple assistants for their assistance during a 2-day period. This work was supported by grants.

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