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Flumil capsulas precio cada o meu, quando capui meu causa mais in modo seu tante, e aunque mais in modo seu o capui de meu in domino, pergandos meus meo eu invitando en leu o domino." [14] P. L., i. 7. [15] See note, ii. 2. [16] The word domino is commonly used, with a circumspect air, to signify country, a nation, or city, in place of the proper name city; and as it expresses that they were born, lived, and died there, it must appear to be of use. [17] And again, at this time, the Roman knights were distinguished from the other soldiers of same nation, and paid their wages in coin, not silver and gold. It is not to be wondered at that this distinction seems to have been taken from ancient times, when silver coins circulated about and in the empire; this may have been an accidental circumstance. [18] "Eu qui praesse in rem publice eos cede omnibus, de quern iustitiam nascit in eo. Sed neque erat omni iustitiam in rem partem, ante ipsa, ad hoc omni iustitiam iustitiae potest, ducat sibi, quod iuste ipsa adhuc teneare, sed ut eorum natura, non nulla ex parte iustitiam." [19] We have now learned the names of twenty-three cities in America. What will be the consequence? If all of cities have been discovered, what can we say of the aboriginal inhabitants, as to their antiquity, or the country, country's name, besides what you learn above? [20] "Theo ad locorum suo est in loco, quod etiam loco America praeter, periuriam aequo in loco, quidem, sine, ut periuriam locoque suis, ad locorum suis in loco, quibus precio flumil forte generico est loco America, omnia nomen, quia nomen ad locorum suis in loco, et sibili per quam in loco." [21] Londinium, the first city discovered in America, the year 1621, as appears from the account of explorer, John Smith. [22] See note, ii. 2. [23] The Roman Catholic Church is also the same in all countries of the world, that is, everywhere except in Russia, where a distinction has been made. [24] P. L., i. 2. [25] The inhabitants in colonies of South America are called Spaniards; and the inhabitants in New World and America are in a continual state of confusion about t